Master the Modern App Landscape

Presented in partnership with Magenic, Modern Apps Live! brings Development Managers, Software Architects and Development Leads together to break down the complex landscape of mobile, cross-platform, and cloud development and learn how to architect, design and build a complete Modern Application from start to finish.

What sets Modern Apps Live! apart is the singular topic focus; sessions build on each other as the conference progresses, leaving you with a holistic understanding of modern applications, which means a complete picture of what goes into building a modern app for Windows 8, iPad, and Windows Phone 8 devices that all interact with state-of-the-art backend services running in public or private clouds. Click here to view the agenda!

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Explore Modern Apps Live!

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  • LIVE!Learning

    Modern Apps Live! Orlando has a singular topic focus: sessions build on each other as the conference progresses, as you learn to build a modern app for Windows 8, iPad, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • LIVE!Experts

    Our speakers are experts in their field. Learn from the likes of Rockford Lhotka, Nick Landry, Kevin Ford, Billy Hollis, and more!

  • LIVE!Workshops

    The pre-and-post-conference workshops dive deep into topics areas you want to learn about most. The all-day format gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on the training you need to be successful.

  • LIVE!Fun

    From the dine-a-round on Sunday night to our spectacular Wednesday event, you’ll have fun and enjoy what Orlando has to offer WHILE soaking in knowledge.

  • LIVE!Networking

    Modern Apps Live! and Live! 360 give you countless opportunities to network with your fellow attendees at meals, evening events, and special networking sessions.

  • LIVE!Demos

    Here’s your chance to hear about innovative vendor solutions to make your lives easier and your business more productive.

A Part of Live! 360

Modern Apps Live! is a part of Live! 360, which presents five (5) co-located conferences at one (1) low price:

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Five events, 29 tracks, with literally hundreds of sessions to choose from - mix and match sessions to create your own, custom event line-up - it's like no other conference available today.

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I really liked the cohesive feel of Modern Apps Track. Especially the way a single application was built and referred to in all sessions in the track. Brilliant!! -- Chad Heyes, Fiserv
Modern App Live! was my favorite. The topics chosen for that were nice and the speakers did justice in presenting them. -- Anuit Sinha, Centric Group
Excellent collection of speakers. Love the mobile app for agenda, feedback, and speaker profiles. Location in Orlando. Networking opportunities. -- Hassan Abbas, Brookfield Residential